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Focusing Your Research By Writing the Abstract First

Focusing Your Research By Writing the Abstract First

LibParlor Contributor, Allison Hosier, discusses how writing an abstract first can help clarify what you are currently talking about.

Allison Hosier is an given information Literacy Librarian during the University at Albany, SUNY. She’s got published and presented on research associated with practical applications associated with ACRL Framework for Information Literacy as an element of information literacy instruction. Her current scientific studies are focused on examining the metaconcept that research is both an activity and a topic of study. Follow her on Twitter at @ahosier.

In 2012, I attended a number of workshops for new faculty about how to write very first article that is peer-reviewed step-by-step. These workshops were loosely predicated on Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks by Wendy Laura Belcher.

Our first assignment? Write the abstract for our article.

These tips was shocking to me together with other new scholars in the space during the time. Write the abstract first? Wasn’t that the right part that was expected to come last? Just how do you write the abstract in the event that you don’t even understand yet what your article will likely be about?

We have since come to treat this as the utmost useful written piece advice I have ever received. So much so that I meet, both new and experienced that I constantly try to spread the word to other scholars. However, whenever I share this little bit of wisdom, I realize that I am generally regarded with polite skepticism, especially by people who strongly believe that your introduction (much less your abstract) is the best written in the end regarding the process as opposed to at the beginning. This might be fair. That which works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. But I want to share why I think you start with the abstract is beneficial.

Structuring Your Abstract

“For me, starting with the abstract during the very beginning has the added bonus of helping me establish early on just what question I’m trying to answer and exactly why it’s worth answering.”

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Exactly who the publisher of a site that is particular who the resources of information when you look at the site are-may be unclear to users.

Exactly who the publisher of a site that is particular who the resources of information when you look at the site are-may be unclear to users.

Therefore, the sources’ motivations, qualifications, and trustworthiness are unclear. All this causes users to wonder concerning the credibility of websites.

Credibility was mentioned by 7 participants as an important concern. When looking at a news story on the Web, one individual said, „The one thing I always look for is who it really is coming from. Is it a source that is reputable? Can the source be trusted? Knowing is very important. I do not wish to be fed with false facts.” When asked how believable the information in an essay on the net seemed, someone else answered, „that is a concern I ask myself about every internet site.”

The quality of a website’s content influences users’ evaluations of credibility, as one person pointed out: „A magazine that is well done sets a tone that is certain impression which are carried through the information. For example, National Geographic has a quality feel, a certain image. A web site conveys a picture, too. Whether or not it’s tastefully done, it could add a lot of credibility towards the site.”

Outbound Links Can Increase Credibility

Users count on hypertext links to simply help assess credibility for the given information found in websites. This time was produced by 4 participants. „Links are good information. They assist you to judge whether what the writer is saying holds true,” one said. While reading an essay, one individual commented, „this website is quite believable. The writer presents several points of view, and then he has links for every single point of view.” Someone else made an identical statement about yet another essay: „as the writer is referencing other links, it’s probably relatively accurate information.”

Humor Must Be Combined With Caution

In this study, 10 participants discussed their preferences for humor in several media, plus some evaluated humor in certain websites. Overall, participants said they like a wide variety of humor types, such as for instance aggressive, cynical, irreverent, nonsense, physical, and word-play humor. „I like websites if they’re not totally all that dry. Czytaj dalej